Are you looking for best Gaming  tablet for every kid Who has a tablet, has a treasure. And it is that these devices have become essential devices thanks to their versatility: now you can use them to work, watch series and movies and also as a portable video game console.

What is the best gaming tablet on the market?

Being able to use a portable device to immerse yourself in video games is a good way to pass the time. Compared to a phone, a gaming tablet gives you more screen space and a longer battery life, giving you more playtime.

If you are a fan of MOBILE GAMING DEVICES , then a Tablet that offers you total immersion is an interesting bet. It is an alternative to gaming PCs, because you can take them on the road comfortably and satisfy your desire to play at all times. Do not wait more! and choose from this list of the most popular Tablets for gamers of the year the one that best suits your requirements.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

A good brand when it comes to powerful tablets is Samsung. The leading company in mobile devices is one of the ones that faces Apple the most, and with good reason; their tablets perform very well and at excellent prices , like this Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Hidden in its slim and elegant design is a 10.4-inch screen with a FullHD resolution of 2,000 x 1,200 pixels, as well as 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage . As for performance, you won’t have to worry thanks to its Exynos 9611 processor .

It is another model at an affordable price so, although it is a good tablet to play Call of Duty and Fortnite among others, again it can fall a little short . Of course, not as much as the previous one; in fact, it will offer a much smoother experience.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

you have another Samsung tablet with a fantastic performance that will allow you to run demanding games very fluently, including Call of Duty and Fortnite to play for hours. We are talking about the Galaxy Tab S7, one of the best-selling and best-valued tablets from Amazon .

Things get much more serious here, since we are talking about a tablet with a Snapdragon 865+ processor , one of the most powerful on the market. With this processor you will not have any problem when playing demanding games on your tablet, as well as high quality audiovisual content.

This processor is accompanied by 6GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable internal storage and an 11-inch screen to enjoy your favorite games for hours thanks to its 8,000 mAh battery with 45W fast charge .

Reasons to buy a gaming tablet

The thing is, little by little they are recovering the ground. More than anything because its usability and its powerful autonomy are its greatest exponent. More than anything because you can find models of all kinds: solutions to maximize your productivity while working, to watch series and movies, tablets to play

Yes, there are some solutions that have such powerful features that they become the best options to consider in order to get the most out of your favorite games. But, you have to know how to choose a gaming tablet, so let’s see what requirements it should have.

For starters, a processor powerful enough to be able to move any game or application without problem. This is vital, since the performance of any title will depend in part on this element, since the better the processor, the better the GPU that goes with it.

The best tablets to play

No, we are not saying that the Cupertino-based manufacturer’s solutions are better than its rivals. But they are much better optimized. More than anything because Apple only has to worry about the four models in its catalog, while any manufacturer with Android solutions has many more factors to take into account.

Not to mention the fact that any application or game available on the App Store has been specifically designed to run smoothly on any of these devices. But, although you will find iPad models, any of the tablets in this compilation will allow you to play your favorite titles are bigger problems.

Purchase Criteria: the best tablets for Gamers

Buying a GAMING tablet  is fundamentally quite similar to buying a gaming laptop. After all, once you take out the mouse and keyboard and add a touchscreen, they are basically the same devices.

But due to limited space for high-end components and comparatively lower prices, a gaming tablet may have more limited performance. However, there are devices capable of achieving a high degree of satisfaction in video game fans, who constantly move from one place to another. In this shopping guide for the best TABLETS for GAMERS , you can have a more precise view of what you need.

Screen and resolution

A larger screen obviously means a larger area for your gaming experience . That can be a big problem if you are looking to play traditional indie games, but if you are more interested in casual titles for mobile devices, it will not be a problem. You should bear in mind that the size of the screen will also have a direct effect on its volume and weight, when transporting it from one place to another.

Another important element here is that the quality of the image is determined by the resolution and although the resolution indicates how many megapixels a screen has, the resolution itself does not tell the whole story. That is why the larger the screen, the more megapixels you will need.


The choice of battery is simple, as the longer the battery life, the longer you can play without having to have a charger plugged in. Therefore, if your intention is to be glued to your desk playing day and night, your best experience will be with a PC or a laptop. Therefore, before choosing the BEST TABLETS for GAMERS , first consider how much time you spend playing and how often you stay away from a source of charge, if the latter is your most common condition, then you should consider GOOD AUTONOMY of the battery.


Generally, tablets come with a front camera, a rear camera, or both. A few models offer a rotating camera that can serve as a front and rear camera. The rear camera is generally the main camera and tends to have a higher resolution, while the front camera is treated as a “selfie” camera. Some equipment offers video images, but they are generally not high enough quality to serve as dedicated broadcast cameras.


Storage is another very simple element when choosing, because it is nothing more than the amount of space you have to store your games, photos and other applications. You have to evaluate well and not get carried away by those that offer the most capacity. For example, the iPad offers models with capacities as high as a terabyte, that is well above normal and your condition may not require it.

You can expect to pay a quarter or even an eighth of what an iPad costs for most models from other brands. In fact, you will find many budget options that are much more modest and functional. If you mainly play casual games, you will rarely have to worry about storage. If you are a hardcore gamer, you may want to apply a little more scrutiny to your purchase, without being forced to spend too much.

You will have two options: either you can invest more at the time of purchase and get a tablet with more capacity to be able to install more applications or software and use it as storage, camera and others, or buy a cheaper tablet with the possibility of expanding memory with an SD if you later want to get more storage.


Random access memory refers to the short-term memory of your tablet. The most relevant information is stored here, and its easy accessibility allows your central processor to function more effectively. That means less loading times and a faster GAMING experience.

The minimum standard suggested by GAMERS EXPERTS for PC gaming is 4GB, although 8GB is the best for most hobbyist gamers. Therefore, a medium level between the two would be a good starting point for what constitutes quality RAM for a gaming tablet.


The central processor is the living brain of your tablet, and it does most of the heavy lifting in game performance . While there are countless variants available, the main concern with a GAMERS TABLET is the number of cores.

More cores allow your tablet to split tasks and perform them simultaneously. A quad-core processor is a good starting point for a mid-range gaming tablet, although an octo-core model is the gold standard to go for if you want a really serious model.

Tablets are becoming more and more common, and as they grow in potential, they are increasingly becoming effective alternatives to traditional gaming devices. In this selection of the 10 best Tablets for GAMERS you will  find fantastic options such as Apple, Windows and Android, so you will surely find what you are looking for.


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