Our pick of the best kids tablet to buy today

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition


Amazon’s Fire tablets are so good for kids that there are more than one on this list, but the Fire 7 ranks first because we think the smallest in Amazon’s size range is perfect for little ones.

The children’s edition of the tablet basically fastens it in a thick plastic sleeve that protects it from bumps and drops, and Amazon is so confident in its durability that it will replace broken tablets within a two-year warranty, free of charge. Beyond that, you can choose from a wide range of videos, movies, and games approved specifically for kids. Plus, there are really easy parental controls to activate.

It’s a brilliant package – so much so that you’ve likely already seen one all over the world, grabbed by a buggy sprog or in the hands of a happy kid in a living room somewhere.

LeapFrog LeapPad 3


However, you may be looking for something less tablet and more educational, something to teach your kids, rather than become a purely escapist activity for them. LeapFrog specializes in these types of devices, aimed at younger children, and the LeapPad 3 is one of their best tablets.

It’s a rugged little device loaded with educational games and with access to hundreds more. Because you don’t have full access to the web, instead of accessing a closed version, you don’t have to worry about your kids coming across inappropriate material, which is a real boon. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e


At the other end of the scale, and for slightly older kids, if it’s a family tablet you’re after, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e could be a fantastic option. It is not designed for children, but it can do a great job as a media center.

Whether you want to surf the web together, or just need a tablet to watch movies and TV together or on the go, the Samsung tablet is a great video player, and it’s light and portable enough to easily fit in your bag at busy travel. It’s not necessarily one to hand over to a child and leave unsupervised, but as a portable media center it’s hard to beat for the price.

Amazon Fire 8 HD


If the Fire 7 tablet that we have chosen as our best option seems a little small for your taste, or that of your child! – The following size is a great option. You get the same kid-friendly options, including the case and warranty, with a bit more screen real estate.

That extra inch in size also brings the display up to HD quality, which in 2020 is almost a prerequisite for the future. There is almost nothing to choose between this model and the Fire 7 and the price difference is not much, so it could be reduced to your favorite size.

Apple iPad mini (2019)


We know, we know, we said we didn’t want to put their fancy iPads at risk. However, we believe that the latest version of Apple’s iPad mini warrants its inclusion. First of all, it doesn’t have to be very expensive if you’re happy to have a little less storage than you could.

But more specifically, it is a first-class tablet in a small body, with great power under the hood. If you put a thick case on it to protect it from damage, you have a tablet that is great for your children’s needs and also useful for your own use when they are not in it.


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