Are you looking for tablet for toddlers With the rise of the tablet market and the ever-widening range of devices, it was only a matter of time before some manufacturers began to offer tablets specially adapted to children.

However, the wide range of options currently available along with the extensive catalog of applications and accessories for tablets have caused many parents to be overwhelmed and not clear what criteria to consider for the purchase.

To make the decision easier without having to consult a lot of web pages, in this article you will find the most important aspects to consider before buying a tablet for a child as well as a selection of the 5 children’s tablets with the best value for money of the moment.

The 5 most recommended tablets for 7-10 years old 

VTech Storio Max

The VTech Storio MAX is a very rugged, simple tablet for a wide age range that works with game cartridges.


The VTech is a robust tablet so that little ones can use it daily without being too afraid of shocks and falls , thanks to its plastic structure and the contour is reinforced with an anti-shock material.

The 5-inch touch screen is a bit small (to give you an idea, a medium-sized mobile is 5.5 ”), but for children it may be enough.

The front has a wide frame in which several controls have been placed. Surrounding the screen we find the start, return, menu or help buttons, as well as a directional pad.

The tablet comes with a soft stylus included. It is practical for the little ones, who use it for games, drawing and coloring.

Parental control

Within the menu, in the Parental Control section, you can configure security settings , such as use time limits, content blocking, control of approved web pages, creation or elimination of profiles, etc.

In addition, the Kid Connect app can be installed. It is very practical, since it allows you to connect the tablet with the parents’ mobile phones and share text and voice messages, as well as photos or drawings. This application allows you to manage the contact list, invitations from friends or the family group.

Operating system

The operating system is Android, so the whole environment is very familiar to us. Despite this, the download of games and applications is limited to the Explor @ Park catalog , from VTech itself.

It is also compatible with Storio game cartridges from previous tablet models, but you may need to  download optimized versions when inserting the cartridge .


Although it is not a device with plenty of features, it comes with some very interesting:

  • The tablet has 19 pre-installed applications, such as Film Studio, to create your own animations, and Art Studio to draw with different tools (brushes, frames, stamps…). But they can be expanded, either by downloading them at Explor @ Park or by purchasing Storio cartridges.
  • The device also comes with some games, like Let’s go H2O !, My Beans and Sam’s Activities.
  • The device has room to load more games, with its 8 GB of internal memory expandable with a micro SD card.
  • The integrated camera, which rotates 180º, gives a lot of play for the little one to take photos and personalize them, and also record their own videos.
  • Its multimedia playback system allows you to listen to music and watch videos of drawings, but it is not a device designed for movies.


It is a good device for children’s use with efficient parental control so that we can be calm, although perhaps the VTech Storio Max is considered more as a gaming device than as a tablet. 

Of course, its price is quite competitive and can be found on Amazon for less than 100 euros. You can check its best price in this link

Tablet Clan

The Tablet Clan incorporates a protective silicone sleeve to avoid accidents as well as many parental control options, several preloaded Clan games , and the Kurio and Google Play stores to add more application


It is a 7-inch tablet with what its main use will be to play and read. It is not too light because it incorporates an extremely impact resistant silicone sleeve, and that can make it somewhat uncomfortable to hold up. Its measurements are 24.9 cm high x 17.5 cm wide and a surprising 0.8 cm thick.

Parental control

The Tablet Clan control system is comprehensive and intuitive at the same time . It is possible to set the usual parameters such as filtering web pages with inappropriate content, access to stores, advertising blocking or even daily use limit. It also allows us to regulate the intensity of the control so that we can go from a more moderate to a stricter one.

Operating system

The Clan tablet runs on a modified Android 5.0 system for ease of use and incorporates several pre-installed games such as Angry Birds, World of Goo, Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja and other educational applications from Clan TV. In total more than 30 applications ready to enjoy.

It allows access to the Kurio application store and also to Google Play in case parents deem it appropriate to add new games or educational programs. Everything can be regulated by the parental control system and it also allows creating open profiles for parents.

Finally, its Motion technology allows to record the movement of the body to play (like the Kinect of the game consoles). For practical purposes it implies that there are games in which the child must move to move forward, with the consequent health benefit.


Technologically this tablet offers quite correct features . Its 7-inch screen has a resolution of 1,204 x 600 pixels and good color reproduction, getting a notable in this section.

It incorporates a 1.5 GHz Mediatek MTK8127 quad-core processor , along with 1GB of RAM, guaranteeing fluid handling and fast response. Its internal storage capacity is 8 GB expandable by a micro SD card of up to 32 GB, useful for downloading more games and applications.

Its rear camera allows you to take videos and photos with a quality of 2.1 Megapixels , while the front one is 0.3 MPx . At the connectivity level, it incorporates a micro USB OTG port for charging and connection of peripherals and a micro HDMI output.


The Clan TV range of tablets has taken a step forward with this model, both in specifications and in the freedom of having Google Play . Its 7 inches make it a handy device and especially recommended for playing and reading.

It is not the cheapest tablet, but its quality is above the average of the children’s tablet market. You can find it for about 150 euros in the Amazon store.

Dragon Touch Y88X Plus

The Dragon Touch Y88X tablet is an ultra-economical Chinese tablet adapted for children, and the truth is that it does not disappoint. Inside the case it has an eminently childish aesthetic but with adequate features for slightly older children , since its possibilities are practically the same as a tablet for adults.


Its design is sober and incorporates a protective rubber shell with rounded edges, which facilitates its grip and serves as a protector against impacts, something essential for this age group.

Its 7 inches make it an ideal tablet for the little ones in the house to play, read or even watch a movie. It also weighs little (259 grams), so you can hold it without getting tired. Its measurements are 18.2 cm high x 12.2 cm wide and 1.0 cm thick.

Parental control

This tablet comes by default with the KIDO’Z app installed,   which limits in a very simple way the applications that the child accesses and the web pages through which they can navigate. It also incorporates various contents for the little ones such as games, children’s applications, videos and images, and offers the possibility of automatically locking the tablet after a certain time of use so that the child does not overdo it.

Operating system

By default it incorporates Android 5.1 , which is excellent news since it offers the maximum possible customization on the tablet. The fact that it allows access to Google Play offers the possibility of installing more applications, which means that even parents can use it to browse, check email or use the occasional application.


It has a 7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels and a good viewing angle. It presents a definition and audiovisual quality more than acceptable for this price range, even at the level of some more expensive tablets.

Its hardware is decent and the tablet runs smoothly and without slowdowns thanks to its 1.3 GHz Allwinner A33 quad-core  processor and 1 GB of RAM. Perhaps one of its points for improvement is autonomy, since its 5 hours imply recharging it daily or every or a day and a half of intensive use.

It is complemented by 8 GB of internal storage that can be expanded by means of a micro SD card of up to 32 GB. Probably its worst section is the quality of the rear and front 2 megapixel cameras to take photos and videos, but the truth is that for less than 60 euros it is difficult to ask for more. It has a micro USB port and a micro HDMI output.


The Dragon Touch Y88X Plus tablet is an excellent choice for its versatility, performance and tremendous price , making it one of the best options for children over 7 years old (although the Kido’z environment and the case also make it suitable for little ones) .

SoyMomo Lite Tablet

A device that stands out for offering the highest security and parental control on the market, ideal as the first tablet for children from 3 to 7 years old.


The SoyMomo Tablet Lite offers a sober and resistant design. It is presented inside a protective rubber casing with three handles to improve its grip and is available in two colors (pink and blue).

It incorporates a 7-inch screen , probably the right size for the little ones to handle it with ease. In addition, it incorporates a 5 Mpx rear camera and a 2 Mpx front camera that, although they offer a fair quality, are more than enough for the function they are going to perform.

Parental control

This is one of the main strengths of this tablet and the most differential feature compared to its competition, since it is the device that offers greater control and security to parents .

And it is that through a specific application , parents can control the tablet from their own mobile. Its functions include:

  • Schedule limitation
  • Remote tablet lock (from the app itself)
  • App lock
  • Creation of white list of websites.

In addition, the tablet incorporates an interesting algorithm that periodically reviews what is being shown on the screen, so it is capable of detecting inappropriate content and automatically locking the screen .

Operating system

The Lite incorporates Android 9.0, which offers unlimited access (beyond those established in the parental control) to Google Play. This is an added advantage over other children’s tablets that only come with preloaded applications and do not allow adding new ones.


In the technical performance section we do not find anything to write home about: a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and only 1 GB of RAM , which limits its multitasking and restricts its use to simple applications and watching series or movies. But again, enough for the intended use of this tablet.

It has 16GB of internal memory that can be expanded with an SD card of up to 32GB, allowing you to store more applications or video files. Its autonomy is not its strong point either, with a 2,580 mAh battery that lasts for 3 hours of continuous use.

Finally, the screen has a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels , which falls within the standards for this size (7 inches) and we found that it offers a good level of contrast and brightness. It also has a blue light filter to protect children’s eyes.


The SoyMomo Tablet Lite is a highly recommended tablet for two reasons. The first, for not having a closed ecosystem and using Google Play to be able to offer more content to the child. And the second, for its exhaustive parental control system that will delight those parents who want to monitor and protect their children at all times.

Fire 7

An exclusive Amazon tablet, small and very handy, ideal as a first tablet or for children to watch movies or play games.


We are facing a solid and resistant tablet. The Fire 7 is not a waste of performance but for the price it has, it fulfills what we expect from it very well.

With its 7-inch screen, it is a small tablet that children can easily handle, but at the same time with a size that already allows you to enjoy videos and movies in conditions.

Parental control

You can put a pin linked to the Amazon account. With it, access to applications, inappropriatecontent and purchases are controlled (although they are also registered in the Amazon account).

Operating system

With this tablet, as with other Amazon devices, we have to take into account that they use the operating system of the house, the Fire OS.

This does not matter much, except that you have to count on that it imposes certain restrictions, such as that you will not be able to access the Google Play applications that you may be more used to if you use Android. In exchange, you can download similar ones.

Also, the cheaper version of the product has banner ads (only when idle, so it’s not too annoying either). The ad-free model is slightly more expensive .


It is a simple and very inexpensive tablet , and as such it has certain limitations.

It has a quad-core processor but only 1 GB of RAM, which already limits the speed of the device and its ability to perform several tasks simultaneously.

The internal memory is also fair, with only 16 GB, although if we need more (and we will need) we have the possibility of inserting a micro SD and increasing the storage capacity up to 512 GB.


The Fire 7 is a good choice for several reasons. The most interesting are its robustness, simplicity and  price : since we are looking at tablets for children’s use, the fact that it is cheap is an incentive to buy. If it is the first tablet that you are going to acquire for your children, this one from Amazon is a serious option to value.


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